Package com.mebigfatguy.patchanim

Class Summary
PatchAnimDocument represents the document that can be saved to file.

Enum Summary
AnimationType denotes the way animations progress through the series of images.
ExportType denotes the type of file to export to JPegs a series of jpeg files in a directory Pngs a series of Png files in a directory Gifs a series of Gif files in a directory AnimatedGif an animated gif file AnimatedPng an animated png file AnimatedMng an animated mng file
OutOfBoundsColor denotes how to render colors when they are outside the range of 0 - 255 Clip Clip high values to 255, and low values to 0 Cycle Uses the remainder of the color with 255 Roll Inverses the value at 255 and 0
TweenStyle denotes the algorithm to use to tween two patches Linear Control points are tweened linearly from start to finish Accelerating Control points are tweened accelerating from start to finish Decelerating Control points are tweened decelerating from start to finish EaseInEaseOut Control points are tweened eased in from start, then eased out to finish Accelerating Control points are tweened accelerating in from start and then accelerated out to finish Wave Control points are tweened waved from start to finish

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